Opening Event – BPD Awareness Week 2018

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You are warmly invited to join us at

the Opening Event of

BPD Awareness Week 2018


To be Opened by SA Minister of Health Stephen Wade MLC


To be Addressed by Tammy Franks, Greens MLC


Hear lived experience advocates Aaron and Tanya speak about BPD and their paths to recovery.


Help shape the new SA BPD Centre of Excellence:  * Your Chance, Your Say *


Supper provided


When:  5.45 pm for 6pm start on Wednesday 3rd October 2018
  Bradley Forum, Hawke Building, UniSA, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Free event


Sonder and Headspace have generously sponsored the evening including free supper


Hosted by: 
Australian BPD Foundation (SA Branch)
Sanctuary BPD Carers Support Group


or Phone  08 8209 0700
or Book On-line at EventBrite

BPD Awareness Week is important.

It’s our chance to let the people of South Australia know more about Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition that BPD consumers live with daily.

Most people have no idea how tough this condition is. Others don’t know that it’s treatable, that recovery is possible and even likely – if Consumers get the right care.

So we must let them know. Because the more they know – the more support they can give.

We’ve organised this event to help the government (SA Health) understand what Consumers need in the new BPD Centre of Excellence-

So we’ll be asking Consumers-

What services should the Centre of Excellence provide to help you best?

Consumers will be asked for their views on the SA BPD Centre of Excellence, which will be anonymously audio recorded.

(There may be time for Carers and Clinicians to give their views too, but this special event belongs to Consumers.)

We genuinely hope to see and hear from you.

Warm regards
Tony Greenrod
(Chair BPD Foundation SA Branch)


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#bpdawarenessweek2018 #KNOWbpdNOstigma
#keeptalkingMH #endthestigma

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BPD Awareness Week

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