SA activities for BPD Awareness Week 2019

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Activities for BPD Awareness Week 2019 – South Australia


Instead of our regular October meeting of Sanctuary BPD Carers, lets catch up at these BPD Awareness Week activities, between 1st and 9th October!


Opening of BPD Awareness Week in SA

Hear Professor Anthony Bateman, world expert on Mentalization and BPD.
When: Tuesday 1st October, 5:30-8:30pm
Where: Level 10, Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide
Bookings: Click here to register online at


Morning Tea with Mind Australia

A question and answer style sharing circle with a lived experience guest speaker and a delicious morning tea
Thursday 3rd October, 10:30-11:30
Where: Mind Recovery College, 73 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, SA
Bookings: RSVP by 26 September by emailing


Living Well with BPD @ BPD Co

A celebration for BPD Awareness week including fun, free activities, focusing on the strengths and wellbeing of people living with BPD!
Come in for a workshop of your choice, stay for the day or pop in and out as you like
Friday 6th October, 10:00-2:00pm
Where: BPD Collaborative
Bookings: Click here to register online at eventbrite


Stigma Busting BPD with Research

Join Professor Sharon Lawn and our team of experts to bust the stigma that is often attached to this debilitating and recoverable mental illness.
Wednesday 9th October, 12:00-2:00pm
Where: Oasis at Flinders University
Bookings: Click here to register online at eventbrite


Petition – Australian BPD Foundation

How many times have we complained that Australians diagnosed with BPD can only get 10 sessions psychotherapy covered by Medicare in a year, which is patently inadequate for them?

Here is a chance to change this by signing this petition from the Australian BPD Foundation asking for the number to be increased to 40 per year.

You can sign the petition online here


BPD Awareness Week website



A note for Sanctuary BPD Carers, our regular October meeting is cancelled – lets catch up at the events above. 

The Mens Group meeting IS going ahead as planned in October.



Did you know …

Australian BPD Foundation is in the running to win a share in $50,000 of grant money from My Giving Circle.

You can help by voting for them here:

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BPD Awareness Week

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