Judy Burke OAM

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Congratulations to Judy Burke OAM who was awarded an Order of Australian Medal (OAM) in the Australia Day 2020 Honours today!

This award is in recognition of her service to community health which includes creating our Sanctuary BPD Support Group with her late husband Bob.

Judy was instrumental in lobbying for the establishment of BPD Collaborative SA.

We are lucky to have people like this in our world!


Judy, a huge thank you from Sanctuary members

for co-founding Sanctuary

for running and leading our support group (even though you say you are ‘just the facilitator’)

and for your most valuable one-on-one support for members in need.

This Order of Australia Medal is so well deserved.

What a difference you have made for our families.


Mrs Judy Charlotte BURKE:
For service to community health.

Sanctuary Borderline Personality Disorder Support Group
• Facilitator, since 2012.
• Co-Founder, 2012.

Skylight Mental Health (Previously known as Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia and
Mood Disorders Association of South Australia)
• Life Member, since 2018.
• Member, since 2007.
• Member, Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia, 2004-2007.
• Member, Carers Group, Mood Disorders Association of South Australia, 1998-2004.

• Carer Representative, Mind South Australia, 2008-2014.
• Founding Member, SA Branch, Australian Borderline Personality Disorder Foundation, 2014.
• Appointed Carer Representative, Mental Health Clinical Network, South Australia Health, since 2011.

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