Getting help in an urgent mental health crisis (UMHCC)

Meeting Notes, August 2022

Claire and Tim spoke about Adelaide’s new UMHCC at 215 Grenfell Street (an alternative to ED in a mental health crisis).
Call (08) 8448 9100 or ask the ambulance to take you there.

I loved hearing about this new approach to care in a mental health crisis, a real alternative to the Emergency Department

Here are the notes we took during their talk.  Please note that they our notes, ie our interpretation of what was said: Notes about UMHCC talk

The centre is at 215 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.  It is open 24/7, every day of the year.  You can ask the ambulance to take you there or self-refer (it is best to phone first on 8448 9100).  Their website is


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